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Felicia's Gallery

A quick preview of my skills, mediums, and favorites.

Each is linked to their respective shop pages!

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Abstruse Abstractions

Series 1

for Redbubble

Felicia Aukett, Atlas Serrano, Morgan Loch

This is an example of the Abstruse Abstraction Series 1.

Morgan scanned images of Atlas's and I's first fluid painted tiles. I then took the files and edited them in Photoshop to make new colorful abstract images. Many of them look like kaleidoscopes, fractals, or mandalas, some, like this one, don't have any points of symmetry. 

The details in these have been preserved more than the next series. Full of hidden patterns and colors, nearly every portion of the designs is unique and interesting.

Subsequent designs may be added as distinct series lines, as to keep the source materials in line.

 Patterned Pride

Series 2 - Large Size File

for Redbubble

Felicia Aukett, Atlas Serrano, Morgan Loch

This is an example of the Patterned Pride Series for Redbubble.

I took our scanned tile images as well as other self taken stock and textures, edited them, and overlaid the changed texture on the pride flags. 


These designs are exclusive to Redbubble!!

Each design is a unique edited image, with its own texture and layer overlay. Some are more simpler, others more bold or complex, with textures resembling crumpled paper or typography!

Abstruse Abstractions

Series 1 - Vertical

Digital Device Backgrounds

Felicia Aukett, Atlas Serrano, Morgan Loch

This is an example of the Abstruse Abstractions Vertical Wallpapers.

I took the Abstruse Abstractions designs for Redbubble and used them to make digital device backgrounds.

Each background's preview is a watermarked JPG, but you will receive a high quality PNG without a watermark!

Each design has a handful of backgrounds that highlight the different sections, beautiful colors, and unique and interesting patterns.

The Vertical Phone wallpapers were focused on first but I will continue to update the website as I make more Horizontal wallpapers!

Patterned Pride

Series 1 - Vertical and Horizontal

Digital Device Backgrounds

Felicia Aukett, Atlas Serrano, Morgan Loch

This is a preview of the Patterned Pride Vertical and Horizontal Wallpapers.


I took some choice areas from the Abstruse Abstractions and overlaid them on top of classic Pride Flag designs.

They are available in high quality 9:16 and 16:9 ratios for desktops, phones, and other digital devices!

I tried to preserve the original colors of the pride flags, while keeping enough fidelity of the abstract overlay.

When a background is purchased through this website, the previews are watermarked, but you will receive a high quality png without the watermark.


Fluid Painting - Various Products

Felicia Aukett

Tiles, Canvas, Magnets, Coasters

Fluid Art is a highly individual and distinctive art form. Each artist has their own style, from the unique paint formulas to actual pouring techniques and their own personal movements and touches.

Sealed both in resin and topcoat sealer

Felicia focuses mostly on Dirty Pours.

Drippy Mica Shift

Resin Technique - Various Products

Felicia Aukett

This is a resin technique that I accidentally happened upon while experimenting and decided to take it as far as I can go with it. I do not have an official name for this technique right now but it will happen! For now I am calling it the Drippy Mica Shift Technique. (Very technical sounding, I know.)

This technique is applied to many different products such as keychains, magnets, pendants, and decor!

Refurbished and Recycled

Resin Poured

Trays and Dishes

Felicia Aukett

This is an example of the resin trays and small dishes that I give a personal touch. I like to deal with smaller and more dainty trays rather than bigger platters.

I tend to be drawn to small trinket bowls, flat plates and dishes, and unique lead crystal shapes. A sucker for sparkles and glitter, most projects will contain mica powder, glass, and or shiny effects!

Upcycling projects into modern products helps give renewed life to items that normally would go overlooked or unnoticed!

Hand Casted Resin

Trays and Dishes

Felicia Aukett

This is an example of the Coasters, Trays, and Ring Dishes casted entirely from Resin.

Unlike the refurbished pieces, these are brand new one of a kind handmade functional art!

There is a variety of combinations of colors, techniques, additions, inclusions, and finishes!

Hand Casted Resin

Keychains and Necklaces

Felicia Aukett

These are the other, more basic castings from Felicia. 

Many are solid or semi-translucent, and most also have a variety inclusions such as glitter, mica powder, confetti, etc.

Just as interesting and detailed as the other castings!

Hand Casted Resin

Magnets and Pushpin Sets

Felicia Aukett

Exactly the same as my Pendants and Keychains in terms of casting techniques. Often, these are smaller sets due to the nature of being magnets and pushpins. Each have corresponding findings firmly attached with artist grade adhesives.

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