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Embroidery Commission Information

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Hand or machine embroidery is good for abstract designs and symbols, numbers, phrases and words, and images that can be digitized. You approve of each process along the way to help us create the perfect piece for you! 

Pricing for commissions will vary based on complexity, density of design, and material costs. Estimates start at $18 per hour for hand embroidery and $2 per 1,000 stitches for machine embroidery. Most hand embroideries take a minimum of 2+ hours, whereas most machine embroideries will be at least 10,000+ stitches.

Embroidery Bases/Mediums

A majority of our fabrics are 100% cotton, or majority cotton blend. The default thread type is cotton, but various options are available such as satin, metallic, variegated, etc. You can also supply your own fabric or thread if you’re looking for specific shades or materials!


The types of fabric we have can be broken into:


Solid Color: One single color throughout the entire fabric

Patterned: The fabric has a tile or image pattern, or some form of various color throughout the fabric

Metallics: These fabrics have different textures due to their metallic sheen

Tulle: These fabrics are similar to a transparent mesh

Care Instructions


All hand embroidery is made to be displayed and not worn, hand washing is recommended as machine washing may alter the way the stitches are set.

All machine embroidery is made to be machine washed and worn or used regularly without worry


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