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Mosaic Commission Information

Please make inquiries to

Commissions for glass or stone mosaics of various designs are open: house numbers, phrases/words, animals, and symbols are all welcome. Other requests can be worked out on a personal basis. Please make inquiries to

Pricing for commissions will vary based on complexity/density of design and material costs. Estimates can range from $1.00 per sq/in to $3.00 per sq/in, with a median estimate of $1.75 per sq/in (this includes sales tax, but not shipping).

Mosaic Bases/Mediums

Birch plywood and MDF board can be cut to custom sizes for a mosaic base. Cutting, priming, painting, framing, or adding a border or hanger will add to the cost of the final product.

Aside from custom cut pieces, various mediums can be used as a base:


Bamboo plates:

Round (7.9”, 9.8”)

Square (7.9”, 9.8”, 11.8”)

 Bath Tray (11.8” x 5.9”)

Ceramic plates:


Multi-colored (8” or 10.5”)

Rustic wood tray:

Round (11.8”)


Rectangular (10’ x 6”, 11’ x 6”)

 Round (4”, 7.8” 10”, 11”)

Terracotta Saucers:

Round (comes in a myriad of sizes)

About the Tile We Use

Both the stone and glass tile we work with is purchased from one supplier: Mosaic Art Supply. Stone mosaics are made with their marble cutting strips and glass pieces are done with uncut square (8mm/12mm) and round (12mm/20mm) tiles; both each have 70 colors/varieties, but sometimes stock can be limited. 

Since the marble cutting strips are natural stone, some types have a large variety in coloration. Also, some types are not technically considered marble. Stone sealer/enhancer is applied to all stone mosaics.

Stone is porous, and thus susceptible to chemical, freeze, and water damage. Although they will fare better inside, stone mosaics can be placed outdoors with a few caveats:


- they should be placed somewhere where they will be protected from the elements, like under an awning.

- they should stand vertically so water cannot pool on the surface.

- if possible, they should be brought inside during extreme weather.

- stone/grout sealer can be reapplied every year to increase longevity.

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