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Welcome to Abstruse Artisan




Difficult to understand; obscure.


The (Not-So-Quick) Rundown

Fools of Most Mediums, Artisans of Some

Abstruse Artisan is a small, three person Art Collective from Burlington County, NJ. Formed prior to Covid-19, we have all been through multiple life altering events the past few years. We had decided a traditional business structure wasn't for us and formed Abstruse Artisan in order to achieve our individual and collective dreams and goals.

 By owning our entire creative process and business as Queer creators, we have the ability to move both our personal and financial freedom in any direction we decide.

We have chosen to be out and proud within our own comfort zones because so much of our work and daily life is influenced by our identities.

Please take the time to glance at our Bio page for the names and pronouns of our Artisans.

We would love to treat others with the dignity and respect we believe we deserve in kind!

We like to work with varying mediums, materials, techniques, aesthetics, and colors. Just like our identities, we do not feel constrained by specific rules or what we "should" be creating.

Please look at our Meet the Artisans page for autobiographies written by each artisan. Get to know each one, their quirks, mediums, and styles! Each one focuses on different areas of design and aesthetics!
Click our links above or below to visit our Artisan Bio's, Individual Portfolio's and Galleries, Our Shop, and Social Media pages!

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Need To Contact Us?

Please leave your email if you'd like to get in contact with us! We will respond to any comments, questions, and concerns in what is hopefully a timely manner!

Also, please mention the specific Artisan you want to answer your question if that matters!!

Thank You!

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Who, What, and Why.

We have formed Abstruse Artisan in order to subvert the current corporate workplace and occupational cultures.

The arts have repeatedly forced their way to the forefront of our lives whether we wanted it to or not and its about time we learned to embrace it. By creating a balance of both functional and non-functional art, we are able to express ourselves through both skill and creativity.

Having a diverse range of products allows us to offer varying price points so that anyone who is interested has purchasing options.

We work both digitally and traditionally/physically.

Paint, Textile, Resin, Clay, Printmaking, Mosaic, Paper, Jewelry, and More! 

Every handmade piece has its own unique touch and therefore no piece is exactly the same!

Can't afford original art pieces? We also offer prints of some of our works through Redbubble!

Supporting us means supporting a Queer/LGBT+ Owned Small Business.

Your support means more to us now than ever before.

The money we make goes back into the art collective for supplies and overhead, and the rest goes to supporting the livelihoods of 3 people and their families.

We hope to be able to extend our support network through charity, volunteering, events and more once we are on our feet in order to connect with and give back to our communities around us.

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